A Toonie is all it takes to fill a hungry tummy

Please donate $2 and give breakfast to a hungry child in your region.

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81% of Canadians think hungry children are in their community
60% don't know a toonie can feed them

Who We Are

We are an industry-wide charitable foundation of retailers and manufacturers who, for over 35 years, have strived to make a difference in the lives of Ontario children who go hungry.

By supporting school breakfast programs we’ve raised over $85 million to change the daily realities of thousands of children across our province.

89% of Canadians
agree 1-$2 makes a difference
1 in 6
face hunger every day

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Toonies for Tummies

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When you donate $2 you’re providing a nutritious breakfast for a hungry child in your community. 100% of donations go to supporting school breakfast programs.

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